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Please read below regarding subleasing or early termination of your lease.

We do not authorize subleasing of our rentals.

If you would like to make arrangements yourselves concerning a replacement roommate, you may. However, you will remain on the lease and be responsible for the lease just as you have been. We will expect payment from you. You will be responsible for any damages to the property in your absence.

If you would like to be released from the lease, a replacement roommate will need to complete a rental application found here. If this person is approved we can amend the lease, removing you from the lease and adding the new roommate. You will forfeit your security deposit and the new roommate will need to deposit a security deposit with our office. The new room mate will have to accept the property as-is and will be responsible for the condition of the property at move-out. The condition at the time you moved in will be what is referenced when the property is evaluated at the end of the lease term for any damages.

Anyone who leases from CJ&L and terminates their lease early forfeits their security deposit. We are happy to help you limit your liability by releasing you from the lease early. However, there are costs involved when a tenant terminates early — costs for our office and the owner of the property. Sometimes the costs are minimal and other times the costs are quite large. One reason security deposits are collected is to protect owners in situations where tenants terminate early. In the big picture it is a small price to pay to be released from the obligation to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in rent. You are mutually and severally liable for the lease along with your room mates. As such you are responsible for the entire lease. Your room mates are responsible as well but each of is completely responsible for the entire amount of rent due under the lease. To be released from this contract is no small matter. We hope this helps to explain things.